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Real Talk Tarot - Gift Edition: Mystical Answers For A Chaotic World

Real Talk Tarot - Gift Edition: Mystical Answers For A Chaotic World

Juanita Londono Gaviria; Editors of Epic Ink

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Real Talk Tarot is a fresh tarot deck that uses all-new illustrations inspired by modern life, made complete with an interpretation guide and keepsake box.

The tarot deck for our day, Real Talk Tarot-complete with a guidebook and keepsake box-speaks to our present-day icons and struggles with updated illustrations featuring relatable archetypes and scenes.

Let's be real; modern life can feel surreal and disorienting sometimes. This tarot deck, updated from the classic Rider Waite version, is perfect for everyone from novice to expert who is looking for guidance in today's world, which often feels like it's on fire. Each of the 78 cards is connected to today's world by characters and situations you might encounter any day. Some of the illustrations are lighthearted, like the King of Cups depicted as a handsome barista, and some are less so, such as the Seven of Wands represented by a heated political protest in the streets, but each card is true to the experience of life today while staying true to its original tarot meaning. The beautifully illustrated, highly giftable deck comes with a 64-page interpretation guidebook so beginners and experts alike can read the cards. The deck and book come in a beautiful keepsake box.

Whether you are looking to add a unique deck to your collection or are just beginning your tarot journey, Real Talk Tarot is the fresh take on tarot that you need right now.