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From Ghana, with love


Bolga baskets purchased from TYFORD+Co. have been lovingly handmade by talented artisans from Bolgatanga, and surrounding villiages in Ghana, Africa. Basket weaving is a craft practised by the adults and children, passed on from generation to generation, making the production process a family affair.

Baskets are purchased directly from weavers, ensuring money paid goes directly back to the people responsible for creating our beautiful baskets. 

The weavers have complete creative control over the designs and colours of their baskets, making each basket as unique and colourful as the person who weaved it. The artisans double weave each basket, ensuring a strong and durable basket that will last for years, along with a leather handle for added strength and comfort.

Woven from eco-friendly, non-toxic and sustainable Elephant Grass which grows abundantly on the sub-Saharan plains of West Africa, this is all harvested, dyed and dried by hand, which ensures the whole process has minimal impact on the environment. 

With permission, our business tag is added to the basket. The tag acts as a warranty and easily identifys the basket as one of ours.  

We are so grateful and proud to be able to share beautifully handcrafted items from Ghana with you, and hope you fall in love with them as much as we have.


Shaping, it's personal.

A lovely patron suggested I talk about the love and care I personally put into each and every basket.

Baskets arrive 'flat packed' to help reduce the cost of shipping... packed together like little rainbow sardines.

Once sprung from their origami folds, they reveal themselves, misshaped and dissorted and nothing like the lovely images on our shop site!

Plunging them by their handle into water for 30 seconds helps renew their natural shape and beauty. The water helps relax the grass fibers, becoming malleable and can easily be encourage to form back into it's original shape.

Using my hands, i gently tap the walls of the basket, pushing out the dents and then rolling them on a flat, hard surface to smooth out the bumps. once satisfied with the shape, i place the basket in the sunshine or within the breeze way, hanging from the line, allowing them to dry completely. Once dry, they harden and retain their natural shape.

Baskets may warp or slump over time. You can re-shape them yourself by following the care instructions included with your basket or follow the instructions above. Basket can be re-shaped as many times as required to keep them looking their best.

Take care not to drag or roll your basket on rough surfaces. This can cause damage and freying on the grass fibers. 

Take care to ensure your basket is dried completely. Being an organic, porous material, dampness can cause mold to grow. You can prevent and treat mold by using diluted Clove Oil. We use doTERRA Clove Oil on all of our indoor plant baskets as preventiative.

We're happy to offer a 'Pre-Treatment Service' for all of our baskets. We're also happy to re-shape your basket for you, if you find the process a bit tricky or your not feeling so confident to do it yourself... in fact, we love when the baskets visit us so please get in touch if you have a slumpy basket that needs a bit of love!

A lot of time and skill goes into each and every one of our baskets - from the amazing artisan who creates them, our lovely buyer who procures them for us, the team who packs and ships them, to little ole me who recieves them and makes them shine again for you. I believe they deserve all the time and energy it takes to get them ready for you, our wonderful customers and out of respect for the artisan weavers who created them.