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Bolga baskets are lovingly handmade by talented artisans from Bolgatanga, and surrounding villages in Ghana, Africa.

Basket weaving is a craft practised by the adults and children, passed on from generation to generation, making the production process a family affair.

Baskets are purchased directly from weavers, ensuring money paid goes directly to the person/persons responsible for creating our beautiful baskets. 

The weavers have complete creative control over the designs and colours of their baskets, making each basket as unique and colourful as the person who weaved it. The artisans double weave each basket, ensuring a strong and durable basket that will last for years, along with a leather handle for added strength and comfort.

Woven from eco-friendly, non-toxic and sustainable Elephant Grass which grows abundantly on the sub-Saharan plains of West Africa, this is all harvested, dyed and dried by hand, which ensures the whole process has minimal impact on the environment. 

Baskets arrive to us 'flat pack', stacked inside one another to save space for shipping. Each individual basket is unfolded and lovingly re-shaped by our hands, restoring them to their natural woven shape. 

With permission, our business tag is added to the basket. The tag acts as a warranty and easily identifies the basket as one of ours.  

We are so grateful and proud to be able to share beautifully handcrafted items from Ghana with you, and hope you fall in love with them as much as we have.


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