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Pallion Point - Mahi Mahi Wide Brim

Pallion Point - Mahi Mahi Wide Brim

Pallion Point

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These sage wide brim hats are made from a durable cotton with classic white stitching - a nostalgic nod back to those childhood summers spent by the beach.  

Whether you call it a Mahi Mahi, Dolphin Fish or Dorado (Coryphaena hippurus), you can't go past this popular game fish for its striking shape and colours. Perfect for windy days, these adjustable broad brimmed lids feature a classic fish outline on a vintage-inspired hat - a popular favourite for those who love long days in the sun.


Care Instructions:

Fish lids are made of pre-washed soft cotton and are pretty resilient little noggin' toppers. By following these simple care tips, your lids should survive your salty adventures for years to come. 

  • Rinse your lids with fresh water after every ocean outing to keep them soft and avoid the clasp corroding. Hand-washing in cold water works best.
  • If they're looking worse for wear (we're talking sweat marks, dirt or salt stains) a gentle hand-wash with light detergent or mild soap should get them looking fresh again. Use cold water and avoid excess rubbing - gently does it. 
  • Never put your fish lid in the dryer, or you'll end up with a mini-me cap. Always air dry in the shade after washing.
  • In warm or tropical climates, keep your lid hung up or stored in a dry, shaded place. Keeping it in the sun (eg. on the dash of your car) can cause your lid to fade fast.

Please note that if you expose your lid to salt water, the hardware (metal bits) will start to corrode if you don't rinse them. While we will always replace faulty product, we won't be replacing lids that haven't been loved... rinse your lids, kids.