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Go Naked ~ Dish Soap Bar

Go Naked ~ Dish Soap Bar

go naked

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(Bar of soap only, doesn't include accessories)

Wash your dishes, surfaces and remove stains with one product. Completely plastic free packaging, do away with plastic bottles. 
Powerhouse natural cleaner. This all-in-one cleaning solution effortlessly tackles dirt, grime, and grease on various surfaces.
Dishes- Leave out on a draining dish next to the sink. Rub a little on cloth or pot brush, or hold under running water when filling sink. Rinse for spot free shine. Don’t leave the bar in the water or it will shorten it's long life. It doesn't froth like "chemically laden dish liquid" but you will get cleaner dishes. Give dishes a quick rinse for spot free finish.
Countertops- rub on cloth and wipe area. Stainless steal, wipe with dry cloth after.
Stains- Shave a little off or rub straight onto area (patch test first) and best to have a seperate bar for different jobs.
Cleaning spray- Cut off a teaspoon and dissolve in a spray bottle. Use warm pre boiled water to dissolve. 
Good for you & the planet.
 Lemon Myrtle has anti-bacterial & anti-fungalbenefits that eliminate nasty bacteria and kitchen odours.
Coconut Oil fights bacteria and moisturises skin, helping you avoid dried-out sink hands!
Citric Acid natural cleansing benefits. Naturally kills bacteria, mildew, and mould. Additionally, citric acid also removes hard water spots, lime, rust, and soap scum. Therefore, if you have hard water, you’ll definitely appreciate the citric acid in my solid dishwashing soap recipe.
-Dishes, just rub your brush or cloth on the dish soap block and scrub. Rinse off.
-Cleaner rub on damp cloth or use in soap saver bag
wipe surface and dry with microfibre cloth.

Make your natural soap last longer.

Use an appropriate draining dish
Allow to air dry.
Do not place in dish water or sit in running water.
Rub onto cloth or scrubbing brush stead of using bar straight in sink and on dishes. 

Coconut oil, Castor oilLye, Citric acid, Lemon myrtle essential oil