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Fair Go:upcycled saree (double) blanket/picnic/rug/throw - assorted

Fair Go:upcycled saree (double) blanket/picnic/rug/throw - assorted

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Kantha stitching is a traditional Bengali craft passed from one generation to the next. It involves stitching or embroidering patterns onto fabric, to create a design - sometimes it is a repetitive design as in the Kantha Saree Covers.

Rows of stitches is the kantha technique, straight lines or curves create the embroidery on clothing, sarees or throws.  These saree covers use straight rows of stitches, using contrasting colour threads.

The patterns of thecovers are varied, as the fabric is upcycled and repurposed from the fabric industry in Bangladesh. Made of cotton, the covers are "back or front", with different colourways on each side. Patches are used to join pieces of fabrics so you will find small and larger patches combined to make up the cover.

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