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10 pack Christmas Cracker Kit- a christmas garden

10 pack Christmas Cracker Kit- a christmas garden

Bespoke Letterpress

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10 pack Christmas Cracker Kit which you can use to make your own double sided crackers and fill with your own choice of treats!

Featuring watercolour illustrations by Kelly Ventura


Kit includes:
10 x Environmentally responsible, heavyweight double sided die cut cracker wrappers. Crackers can be made with either face facing outwards.
10 x Christmas Cracker snaps
10 x Cardboard reinforcements.

You will also need (not included):

  • Double sided tape
  • Gifts or treats to fill
  • Ribbon of your choice


Environmentally responsible, heavyweight double sided paper.


Each completed cracker measures 37cm long x 6cm wide once completed.

Cracker kit package measures 195mm wide x 375mm long.


Crackers are not suitable for children under 3 years. Children ages 3-12 should be supervised when pulling crackers.


1. Choose which design you wish to be on the outside of your cracker and lay on a table, with this side facing down.
2. Run a length of double sided tape on one long edge of the reverse side.
3. Lay a snap bang lengthwise in the center of the cracker. Use a little double sided tape to hold into place. (Note don't use too much tape otherwise they will not snap when pulled!)
4. Use double sided tape to attach a cardboard reinforcement, butted to the long edge opposite your double sided tape, and centered inside of the cut-outs. It should stop before it hits your double sided tape, and not overlap the cut-outs.
5. Peel the double sided tape and roll the cracker adhering the tape. Use your fingers to sharpen the paper around the cardboard insert.
6. Close one end with a ribbon bow.
7. Fill the cracker with your treats and seal the other end with ribbon ready for Christmas!